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Dixie Mango

Come see my new home at!

Well, that’s the preverbal “we”… really it’s just me… or just Dixie Mango, really.

My family isn’t moving… unfortunately.  Sad.  My house has been on the market FOREVER and yet, here we are, but enough of that.

Dixie Mango is movin on up… or out… or on… what is it?  Anywho, because I have the most wonderful, handsome, smartest, most generous hubbies ever, you can now find me at

Yep, yep.  Change your RS feeds and subscriptions… or subscribe for the first time, because you rock!  Things might keep changing for some time, but we are going to work with it!  See you on the other side, my friends.

And because a post without a picture is… well… just that, I post without pictures, here’s one of my two favorite guys.


Let’s not pretend.

I don’t prefer fall… okay, I don’t like fall… well, really fall makes me nauseous.  You see, I was preggers with all three of my babies during fall.  And to say I was sick during my pregnancies is like saying Jesus was a cool dude.  Where as Jesus really was a cool dude, he was WAY more than just cool.  You know what I’m sayin?  Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t compare my pregnancies to Jesus, I was just using it as a metaphor… go with it.

Anywho, me and fall are certainly NOT BFFs.  Not only am I nauseous, fall brings winter and don’t even get me started on winter.  So, this means I put off decorating for fall as much as possible and sometimes not even doing much of anything… gasp… I know!

But when I saw these cuties, I had to give her a go.

The tutorial was concise and easy to follow making a might cute acorn, but as we all know, I can not leave well enough alone, so here are my changes.

When I sewed the circle the way she describes, my acorn shape came out like this.

And, while, that’s not awful, I wasn’t excited about it.  And, ya’ll, we must be excited about what we are creating!

So, instead of cutting the circle and sewing it as she described, I decided to not cut it at all and just fold it in half sewing down the entire middle and then turning it and doing the same thing… clear as mud… lookie here…

Make more sense with the picture?

Okay, then I finished it as she describes and ended up with this.

Cute, yeah?  I loved it… well, except that it would stand up.  She toppled over every time I tried to stand her up due to the weight of the top, so I improvised and added some rice to the bottom.  Check, check it out!

Then a little fluff stuff on top of that… (by the way, a third hand would be awesome help with this project, but alas I only have two and so there was a little acrobatics going on up in my studio to hold the strings, put hot glue in the top and then shove the body into the top… good times!)

And walla!

Oh, I love them!  They are just so cute.  These will stand up if you want to!

So, what do you think?  Am I ready for fall?

Okay!  Maybe I should make a few more… hahaha!  And maybe some of these to go with them.

Happy Fall… even though I don’t really mean it.

Love ya, though!

Ta for now…

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So, we’ve talked before about how I’m not always the BEST blogger in the world… you’re shocked, I know!  Well, I’ve struck again.  I promised you another messenger bag in my last post and now I can’t seem to find the pictures.  I know they were taken… I even saw them… they were my BEST pictures EVER, but you are just going to have to trust me because they are gone.  Maybe the beloved customer will see this post and share some pictures she takes with the whole class.

Until then, here’s what I have been up to for the past couple o months…

Making some of these (small sample show here…)

After using this gal for hours at a time…

Bless her heart… she’s been working overtime for me (don’t worry, I am aware that my glue gun doesn’t have a real heart, but you know… I’d bless it if it did)!

I get some of these…

I think these are just so cute.  I’m going to have to make some for my little one.  I’m also turning some of the flowers into magnets because they pretty up refrigerators nicely.

I also have a pile of these…

Those are just too fun!

A pile of these are starting to form with more in progress as we speak…

Oh, and I almost forgot these pretties hiding in the closet…

So, I guess I am making progress.  I still feel like my booth is going to look pretty empty, but I’m just going to keep sewing until the day comes and see what I have at the end.  My mom has been helping me lately (I call her my sous-seamstress) which has help things more along way quicker.  She’s been ironing, cutting circles, pressing, and just being there with me.  She’s awesome!

I am planning on doing bags for the month of October… ones like these.  Not sure how many I will actually get to, but I’ll try!

This may be my first and last craft fair.  I mean, I’m going to give it the good college try, but production sewing is for the birds!  Whew… it gives me too much time to think.  Think about this and that and what if all this stuff doesn’t sell, and what if my booth looks empty, and what if my kids grow up and think my mama didn’t play with me, and what if world peace really doesn’t ever come, and what if Jesus came back right now and caught me sewing and yelling at my kids instead of adopting all the orphans in Haiti and feeding all the neighbors cookies…. seriously, ya’ll, I shouldn’t do this much thinking!

But, I’ll let you know.  I may have to open an online store after this show if nothing sells… be ready to buy lots of stuff, okay!

Ta for now!

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I got another order for a messenger bag.  They really are fun to make… totally you should try it!

I am also finding that I am enjoying making bags from outdoor fabric.  I find myself going back to that section in the fabric store time and time again.  I love the durability it adds to a bag.  As a mama, it’s nice to know that I can put my bag down just about anywhere and have no worries about it getting wet or staining too much.  You know that dreaded, “what was that!!” we do as moms.  I can stress less with this sort of fabric.

PS. I totally want to recover that chair… really really really bad.  But, I’m more than a little scared.  There, I said it.

Back to the bag!  So, it’s not for a mom, but it’s for a teenager and I’m pretty sure all of the above reasons to use outdoor fabric for a mom apply to a teenager too.  I’m just sayin.  I also might be having a teeny tiny love affair with stripes too… maybe…

I always love doing something a little different with the pockets.  It really makes them stand out when you are looking for something and it adds a little happy when you open your bag.  I fell in double heart LOVE with that pocket fabric when I saw it at… the store that must not be named.  Again with that store… she keeps surprising me.  But, I still affirm that my little quilt shops are my fav and have my loyalty.  They are my BFFSs (Best Friend Fabric Shop) for ever!

I made another one of these with a bit of a different shape… I’ll share when she get it in the customer’s hands.  That one was fun too.

Ta for now, my loves!

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One of my favorite people in the whole world and one of my BFFs (yes, I just said BFF!) had a birthday recently.

She’s the best and totally deserves the best, but this is all I got… haha!

It’s my little rendition on the gathered clutch thingamabob.  She loved it.  It was the first thing I made with my new flat tags.

In other news… we have been really enjoying the cooler weather around here.  It comes and goes, but we have gotten to enjoy it by hiking and such.  So much fun.  My family is just so fun to be around.

My little climber!

She loves her daddy!  And aren’t those pink converses too cute for words??  Ah, to be two!

There has been LOTS of craft fair sewing too.  I’ll share some of that too coming up!

Ta for now, my friends!

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My sweet hubby made me some amazing business cards that finally showed up!

They were delivered to the wrong house first and then after a couple of rounds, they finally got here.  Good thing I didn’t procrastinate as I have been rumored to do before.  Still plenty of time before the show!

I got them done here.  They had great customer service and found my cards after the post office said they had been delivered and there wasn’t anything further that they could do… **keeping comments to myself here**  SOO, I highly recommend them.  Between customer service and product, I was pleased indeed!  These are printed on 100% recycled paper… don’t ever say I didn’t do my part, k?!  This makes them nice and thick too.

I love what he did with the back… with the “a”… he’s so clever, and smart, and handsome, and …. sorry, getting carried away.  Our anniversary is tomorrow, so I’m dreaming about my man these days!

I also love how bright they are!  Won’t have trouble finding those in the bottom of my purse!

I also need some more labels for the show, so I went back to my trusted supplier after looking into woven labels and realizing that I don’t have an extra arm and an extra leg to pay for them.  Her quality has gotten even better than last time!  Very pleased!  You should totally use her if you need some labels… which we all do, my friends.  Gotta label those beauties you are making!

I decided to get some folded labels this time too for softies and such.

Aren’t they cute??  They are 1/2 inch square when sewn in.

Here’s the front…

…and here’s the back…

I’m in love!

I did use one of these already in a cute little something I made for a new little girl in my life, but I forgot to take pictures… I know, I know.  Sorry!

Ta for now!

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I got a custom order recently from a friend for her daughter who was going back to school soon… follow that?

She wanted a messenger bag with stripes, maybe polka dots, brown and teal… definitely green (my kinda girl right there) and at least one pocket for the girly unmentionables.  No one wants those falling out when the bag drops, so we decided a zipper pocket was in order.

This is what I came up with.

Cute, huh?  I L-O-V-E the strip.  I also love that I had enough of it to make it all matchy matchy.

Matchy matchy, in this case, makes for a more professional looking bag.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Plenty o pockets!  No embarrassing spills here… no ma’am.  I love the little pop the pocket fabric adds.

Just a fun bag for a fun girl.

It is based loosely off of this bag if you want to make one for yourself or someone you love.  I changed quite a bit of it and if I make it again, I will change some more of it.  The pattern as is was really easy to follow.  My measurements didn’t quite fit what she did, but I made it work with a few changes.  I also, changed the pockets, the size of the strap, the closure (it has a magnetic closure) and the size of the overall bag… see… practically the same.  Sorry!  The tutorial was really great… I just needed a starting point and then I made it fit what I needed.  That’s the great thing about sewing… you can make it your very own with just some adjustments.  Don’t be afraid to try it.  If you are interested in more details of my changes, just drop me a line!

I took a little break for my birthday yesterday, but I will have a few fun things to show you coming up… including my very first business cards that my hubby designed for me.  So FUN!

Ta for now!

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