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Did ya’ll have a great Valentine’s?  Or do you hate Valentine’s?

Umm… I love Valentine’s.  Really.  What’s not to love?  At least when you are in love that is and I’m in love.  I tried to prove it.

He calls me darlin.  I don’t call myself that… just for the record.  I got this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew.  I REALLY enjoyed doing the embroidery.  LOTS of fun.  Really.  I kept it simple since it was my first time, but my hubby liked it.  I’d love to do more of it.

My son sent some Valentine’s to the kids in his class.  They turned out really well.  He helped by writing his name, TRYING to wrap the lollipops and glueing the eyes.  It was a fun craft time for us… especially because I wouldn’t say he is very into crafts.  Like when they color at school or church, his paper comes home with one … that’s right, ONE crayon mark on it.  I am putting my hope on my girl.

I got this tutorial here.  She always has good ideas.

I think I want to do these next year.  How stinkin cute!  I am mostly posting that so I don’t forget where to find the tutorial next year.  I always do that… yesh.  You would think I had mommy brain or somethin’.

Last thing for today… I DID finish the fireman hat.  Not only did I finish it, but I finished it on time!  Woot woot, for mama!  I got this amazing patch from a friend of a neighbor, but it ended up not fitting on the hat.  It was like the real deal patch too, so I was bummed.  But, I think I will use it on another project.  I had to improvise this one.

I got this pattern from my new favorite book that I got for Christmas (thanks hubby!).  I won’t say that I hated this pattern, but I will say that I prolly won’t make it again.  It was well written and easy to follow, but I found it to be really small for my son’s head.  I made the pattern bigger, but then it was still really shallow in the cap part.  My son likes it and wears it, but it stresses me out.  I don’t know why.  I also didn’t like that it had so much hand sewing.  It was really cumbersome… but ya’ll know me… I’m not a big hand stitcher girl.  But, the boy is happy, so that’s good enough for me.

My test sewing will be revealed in my next post… I know… you are all waiting with baited breath.  I heart ya’ll.

Ta for now!

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